Tenspeed Hero p/b Bitchstix Cyclocross Team

BitchnGrit. What does that even mean?

Hint: one of us is not “Bitch” while the other is “Grit”. We are equally both. Kidding… sort of. 

This past year I read “Grit” by Angela Duckworth fully expecting it to be another "hoo-rah!” “tough it out!” “perseverance poster meme here” self-help book. However, she outlines specific paragons which are not highlighted enough. Let’s take the words “potential” and “talent” as an example. In my opinion, a couple of the most dangerous descriptive attributes of a human. Just as social media plays a dangerous role in artful deception of one’s life.  These words inadvertently send a message that other factors, including grit, are not of utmost importance.  Goals are hard, let's talk about that.

Grit, as Angela puts it, has four psychological assets: interest, practice, purpose, and hope.  This includes deliberate work, disappointments, setbacks, and sacrifice. All of which are worth it, as it targets an overarching goal.  It’s not pushing through a workout while you’re sick, or running yourself into the ground, but specific practice towards your passion.  We both work full-time and have many other responsibilities outside racing, and we want to share our experiences and stories. Most importantly, we will be sharing the voices of other racers and professionals from which we have learned. We have met many incredible people, and are stoked to share their story.

We all have a purpose. To us, cycling and racing is an incredible outlet.  It is a way to push ourselves, be deliberate, experience, grow, and surround ourselves with the people we love. A passion. We will be traveling a bit of the American UCI circuit in addition to a couple of international UCI events. 

Inspired by one of our title sponsors, Bitchstix represents our overarching purpose. 100% of the net proceeds of their products are given to domestic abuse and sexual assault prevention programs. As the company puts it:

“The reappropriation of the word BITCH subverts the use of the word as a tool of oppression to dominate or shame a person, into the opportunity to empowerment. When language is used to oppress and control someone, we have to be aware, be courages and take a stand. We at Bitchstix want to make the work bitch a “trigger”, a reminder to ourselves that we are powerful and will be an active participant in the oppressive and shaming behavior. You are worth it."

Bitchn’ Grit. 

Complimenting Bichstix, we have a group of partners excited to be a part of our journey and story including Firefly Bicycles, Sound Probiotics, Shimano, Donnelly Cycling, Bobo’s Oat Bars, Topical Edge, and women’s specific brand representation through Tenspeed Hero and Ampersand Coffee Roasters

Meet the team:



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