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Recently I was asked who(m) I most looked up to in the sport. This has always been a hard question for me to answer, because I do not believe one person has the secret sauce to badassary. I also have issues with idolization, but that’s another story. I can start by elaborating the time spent in China this past week to paint a piece of the perspectives I'm working to embrace. Summary: “chill chill chill chill chill” - Slang dictionary master, Eric Brunner

This past trip to China included eight days, two races and over 96 hours in travel via bus, train, and plane for the Bitchstix Tenspeed Hero team.

Each one of our little Colorado squad has traits I sincerely admire. Most of them are very much younger than me. Well, other than KP, Grant, and Gav - but those are for another article post. 

Today we talk about the group formally known as the Burrito Boyz (Feat. Ian). Do you remember that time girls would classify themselves as someone from Sex and the City? (i.e. “She’s such a Miranda”)

Let’s assess. Which one are you?

Denzel and Eric (Deric)

I’m going to describe Denzel and Eric as one. “Deric” if you will. You’re likely partial to one, but it’s more fun to give them a couple name. Eric and Denzel are seemingly quite, but maybe they’ve figured out you really do not need to be wordy to make a point. Or they’ve covered their voice through their fashionista clothing (and hair) choices. Eric raced this past year on the 303 Project with Maxx, and Denzel raced with Aevolo (unfortunately getting mono in the early season). In other words, these boys are worked. I’m pretty sure Denzel rode a grand total of 1 hard effort in three months. Does this phase them? Not really. Well, at least they aren’t all anxious about it (chill, chill, chill, chill, chill). 

These boys get to the point, famous for their one-liners that somehow always make sense even though you can’t specifically define them. It’s a relief to be around people who don’t need to torture you with word vomit that has no real point. The price you pay while working in Corporate IT America. I have a dictionary for Deric and decided to add to it. Want to see what the kids are saying? Check out my awful attempt at defining the new (to me) cool-kid slang below. 

I cut this man bun at the airport

I cut this man bun at the airport


As the other riders in China are worried about the long bus transfers between hotels, food options, and general ability to recover and stay sharp, Maxx is saying “I hope the bus gets stuck in this man hole overnight”.  While we see other athletes stressing over those unnecessary stressors, Maxx is taking advantage of this trip, observing other cultures and just straight up having fun. 

Mentioned before, Maxx races with The 303 Project, finishing up the season with Tour of Colorado a couple of weeks before heading to China. Clearly tired from a long road season, he still took complete advantage of this trip. Aside from the light self-deprecating humor, no complaints. He is appreciative, and looks at his situations or circumstances very objectively.  Fun and objective. Two traits hard to come by in a bike racer. 



I am telling you that every single person needs a piece of Ian in them. You know those people on the internet who take pictures of themselves doing yoga poses on mountains or selfies near a waterfall? The kind who pushes their “epicness” on you? Ian is that, minus the selfies and self-timers yet 1000% more epic. He is just so damn curious and bold. Pushing himself because he wants to. 

He tells you whatever is on his mind, from clear observations to existential questions. Couldn’t give a damn how he’s perceived, ignoring those unnecessary things most people care about so much. Never a dull moment. His sister Molly came with us as well; the spirit is certainly genetic. You look at all the crazy things he does and just know this isn’t a show; it’s who he is. 

I write about these boys because they are a great example of how to be a bike racer. The mindset of camaraderie, experience, in effort to better yourself for yourself.  We forget how to be a kid and we forget our “why”.  Authenticity matters. 

Slang Dictionary Add-ons 

  • “Bunk”  Bad 

  • “Dank”  Cool, but in a good way, somehow

  • "Popping off” Equivalent to "going h.a.m."

  • “Hype Beast" Used to describe people of high fashion

  • “Skrrraping" Getting loose. I called this “Skirping” but I’m wrong.  

  • "Mobbing” Getting after it, all at once. 

  • "Cop it”  Buy it - merchandise 

  • "Stop this cancer"  Not a word, but my all time favorite phrase heard on this trip. Used when someone or something is doing something ridiculous and needs to stop. 

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