Bonds that (Apparently) can't be Broken

I was very curious to see how an ISP (integrated seat post) and carbon-titanium bonding could handle my very silly riding choices. Aside from its remarkable aesthetic appeal, how effective would it be on harsh terrain? Would it be difficult to pack? Does it handle differently compared to my other titanium CX steeds? Here’s a quick take-away.

Bike stand.jpg

The Design

Firefly set out to create an integrated seat post format incorporating Shimano composites carbon throughout the set post/ tube, finishing with a custom titanium topper. This bonding effectively shaves weight while adding stiffness and vibration damping for tough riding surfaces. Coveting the details, Firefly added their personal touch with sculpted laser cut lugs, creating a special ti-carbon mix.

The Test 

If you follow me on the medias, you know I don’t take things slow and clearly have no concern of my bones functioning past the age of 50.  So I took the steed out on some mountain bike trails. Looking at the carbon-ti transitions, I was wary of the actual stability of the design.

Thought: ‘Will I snap this thing, nah… those guys wouldn’t do that to me…right?!’.  *nervous laugh*

Truth is, this guy has taken a beating. The whole nine: launched off mountains, rock descents, 100-mile gravel rides, Professional CX racing, riding up and down mountains on snow and ice, etc. I was blown away in the versatility and comfort levels.  I want to validate, this is not suspension, nor do I  recommend anyone be as foolish as I am.

Or do, plus some.

The point: it is in full-tact and is comfortable as ever. In fact, I appreciate the handling capabilities of this design more than my full-titanium CX frames. Specifically, the one piece seat tube/seat post is a stand-out as it helps soak whatever chatter the terrain provides, and cruises smoothly on winding descents. Certainly, my go-to pony.

It’s important to note that I do not feel any lack of responsiveness in my handling or workouts compared to my other cross bikes. Cornering and instantaneous ‘punches’ are just as effective.

Packing was surprisingly fine! For reference, I’m about 5’8″ and mostly legs. Think, the daddy long legs of humans. We packed it up in the Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro, Oru Airport Ninja (oh yes, with an integrated seat post) and a standard Bike Flights cardboard box. Some maneuvering was required, but all in all a success.

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